SneakP33K. ;) 

Alright alright, I know you came here from the title expecting an image, but for now there isn’t nothing, as the work is done, you still need to wait a little 😉 . 

What I’m working on? It’s a project called VGen or VBGen. It actually is a Visual basic script generator, you can create easy script while using the already done code. 


You can customize the message of the msgbox and the title, same thing with the inputbox.

And there are a lots more of things!

Anyway, I though mine idea of this vbgen would be genius, since no one did one!

Then I searched on Youtube and I saw a russian that already done that in  2008. WHAT >:C. 

No really, I actually saw this guy that done this exe called “VisualBasicCreator” And it has more function than mine and it can even text code in live! 

I’ve should expect that from a russian :c .

But it was in russian, and the link was not avaible.

So my idea is still ok, right?



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