[EmuFlash] Realesed! + Source Code.

EmuFlash is a very very simple flash emulator. It is based on Visual Basic Script(Vbs Studio 2010) and it supports (at the moment) .Swf files.

It’s one of my Fun Project, it needs several files to work, so I made an Installer for it.



EmuFlashClick Me![Mediafire]

SourceCodeClick Me! [Mediafire]

How to download games:

Find a site who provides SWF Game downloads, you can find them in the “Options and Info” of Emuflash.

It does not support Unity Web Player Games!

If you want to support this project, please subscribe my YT page!

My channel.

But What’s next?

You can decide it! Comment Down below, right in the comment section and say some idea, or I will decide.

Oh and this site kinda dead.



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